Afghan Hound

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Dignified and aloof, the Afghan is an aristocrat amongst canines. It is a wonderful hunter, although principally appreciated for its spectacular look and as a present canine.

Bodily Traits

Coated with thick, silky hair, which is available in numerous colours, the Afghan Hound, actually, resembles a greyhound in construct and is thought for its skill to chase fleet sport and double-suspension gallop. Its excessive pelvis and a brief again, in the meantime, permit the breed to show simply and soar nice heights, each must-have traits for a canine that initially chased sport on rocky terrain. The Afghan Hound’s massive ft additionally provide it safety from accidents incurred from working on tough floor, whereas the silken coat is efficient in beating chilly.

Transferring with the tail and head held excessive, its expression is proud and dignified and its gait is bouncy and elastic.

Character and Temperament

Though a barely reserved and infrequently timid breed, the Afghan Hound likes to hunt and chase. Nonetheless, an Afghan Hound can reside completely happy life indoors. The breed isn’t tough with kids (who love its clownish and completely happy temperament), however the canine might turn out to be moody at instances and behave badly. Some would possibly even say the Afghan Hound nearly resembles a cat in its impartial nature.


This good home canine requires cautious brushing and brushing of its coat. Particular care must be given on the time when the canine sheds its pet coat. The Afghan Hound additionally requires every day train akin to an extended stroll or a brief dash. In actual fact, this hound likes to run at a quick tempo in small areas. Afghan Hound lovers ought to make it some extent to offer the canine out of doors entry and a pleasant, delicate mattress.

Well being

The Afghan Hound, which has a mean lifespan of 12 to 14 years, isn’t vulnerable to any main well being issues. It must be famous that the breed can undergo from tail accidents and reacts to barbiturate anesthesia. Well being illnesses like canine hip dysplasia (CHD), cataract and necrotic myelopathy are additionally sometimes seen within the breed. To determine a few of these points, a veterinarian might run hip and eye exams on the canine.

Historical past and Background

The Afghan Hound is an historic breed. It belonged to the Center Jap sighthounds, and its ancestors date again to the time of the Egyptian pharaohs. Initially, the breed was used a coursing hound by nomadic tribes to hunt for meat and hare, with the assistance of falcons, who swooped down on the prey. Progressively, after a number of generations on the mountainous lands of Afghanistan, the Afghan Hound developed right into a nimble, swift canine with nice stamina and leaping skill.

For hundreds of years, the breed was remoted within the Afghan Mountains and was first dropped at England in the course of the first half of the twentieth century. These canines have been initially known as Barukhzy Hounds or Persian Greyhounds. Various in nature, it was the Zardin selection that ultimately grew to become essentially the most favored.

The breed rapidly grew to become the prize of the glamor world, and shortly grew to become widespread in different circles, akin to canine reveals. The Afghan Hound attain the apex of its recognition within the Seventies, however nonetheless well-known all through the world.

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