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The Akita has a singular mixture of dignity, braveness, alertness, and devotion to its household. It’s terribly affectionate and dependable with household and buddies. It’s virtually feline in its actions; it isn’t uncommon for an Akita to scrub its face after consuming, and to be very neat and tidy in the home. 

Bodily Traits

Akita canine possess heavy bones and a physique that’s large, and a bit longer than it’s tall. The Akita may be very sturdy, enabling it to hunt simply via snow and different tough terrians. The breed is energetic with an alert gait. A wonderful looking companion, the Akita possesses a powerful guarding intuition and a coat that’s weatherproof protects them from harsh circumstances. Its hair, which is about two inches lengthy, has a straight, dense inside layer however harsh outer wrapping. The colour of its coat, in the meantime, are varied, together with white, brindle, or pinto.

Character and Temperament

The Akita is obedient in the direction of its grasp and at all times alert. Being unbiased and brave in nature, it capabilities tremendously as a hunter or guard canine.

Although the canine is a bit cussed and dominating, it would behave correctly below the steerage of a devoted coach. Nonetheless, some Akitas do exhibits indicators of aggression in the direction of different canine and are unnerved round strangers.


An Akita is at its greatest when stored inside the home with entry to outdoor. To maintain these canine obedient, common psychological and bodily train is essential. The train ought to ideally embody working in an enclosed space or lengthy hours of strolling. The Akita’s weatherproof coat requires occasional brushing to do away with useless hair (extra frequent combing will probably be required through the shedding seasons).

Well being

The Akita, which has a median lifespan of 10 to 12 years, often suffers from microphthalmia, patellar luxation, epilepsy, renal cortical hypoplasia, VKH-like syndrome, polyneuropathy, entropion, and cataract. Care must be taken to forestall some main well being issues related to the breed corresponding to canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). The breed can also be susceptible to some minor well being points, together with gastric torsion, hypothyroidism, elbow dysplasia, cruciate ligament rupture, pemphigus, lymphosarcoma, osteosarcoma, and sebaceous adenitis. To establish a few of these points, a veterinarian could run thyroid, hip, eyes, and elbow checks on the canine.

Historical past and Background

Thought-about a “pure treasure” of Japan, its native nation, the Akita was initially bred as an adaptable looking canine within the mountainous area of Northern Japan.

The Akita was saved from extinction within the 1800s, throughout which the Japanese made a concerted effort to save lots of seven native canine breeds. The Akita is the biggest amongst these seven breeds.

Hachiko, arguably essentially the most honored Akita, would look forward to his grasp daily on the station to accompany him again house. Even after his grasp’s loss of life, he continued to religiously look forward to him on the station daily for 9 years. After Hachiko died on March 8, 1935, a statue was constructed to commemorate his dedication; it’s right here that Hachiko’s ceremony is held yearly.

Hellen Keller, a famend American creator, and political activist is credited with bringing the primary Akita to the US in 1937. It later grew to become acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership in 1972 and is at present thought-about a wonderful breed with good-natured and brave attributes — a undeniable fact that lends itself to the breed’s most typical occupation in Japan: guard canine and a police canine.

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