French Ardennais Horse

French Ardennais Horse
Ardennais Horse


Additionally referred to as Ardennais, the Ardennes is bred in a number of European nations, all of their bloodlines are very comparable and registries will settle for animals bred in several nations. The French pressure of Ardennes is important nonetheless as a result of the Ardennes breed is native to the French & Belgian Ardennes so France acknowledges it as a nationwide breed.


The Ardennes is important because the oldest breed of horse in France & regarded as a direct descendant of the smaller Solutré horse. Nearly from their inception the French Ardennes has been a breed formed by battle, from the Roman days of Julius Cesar by means of to Napoleon.

Throughout the Center Ages heavier animals turned wanted for agriculture which once more modified the Ardennes sort and as their use unfold to new areas their bloodlines modified as nicely. Totally different areas required totally different traits of their animals and the breed diversified till it turned generally known as a small but sturdy horse.

Within the nineteenth century an infusion of Belgian Draft blood offered a wanted measurement enhance as a necessity for sturdy animals to work troublesome soil arose in japanese France. Sadly at present the demand for draft animals in France is primarily for meat manufacturing, whereas some small farmers nonetheless use them to work the land.


Common top 15 – 16 fingers


Head is expressive with straight or barely dished profile
Ears are small & nicely set
Chest is deep & highly effective
Legs are muscular with low, huge joints
Hooves are huge & sound

Conventional Colours

chestnut | gray | bay | roan | palomino


Docile & keen


Meat manufacturing

The French Ardennais or the Ardennes breed is among the oldest in France. It has principally been used for farm work and pulling heavy masses, and so is widespread within the farmlands of France and Belgium.

Bodily Traits

Having the physique of draft horse, the French Ardennais have a really sturdy construct.  The grownup French Ardennais weighs about 1500 to 2000 kilos. Its coat is available in bay, brown, or grey. It has a brief tail however a really wholesome mane. Its head is straight in define with vivacious eyes and small, pointed ears. Its neck is sort of broad whereas its shoulders are deep. The physique reveals energy, depth, and brilliance. The legs are sturdy and the hooves are exhausting. It’s an average-sized horse that stands 13-15 fingers excessive (52-60 inches, 132-152 centimeters).

Persona and Temperament

The French Ardennais is apt for exhausting labor. It’s seen in France and Belgium, carrying heavy sacks of farm produce in addition to pulling carts on the very shaky floor all day. These horses exemplify nice endurance, excellent willpower, and are very docile and amiable. They will simply be skilled and might work for lengthy hours with none supplementary help. Like every other farm animal, the French Ardennais is used for meat manufacturing.

Historical past and Background

The Ardennes breed is well-known for its means to hold heavy objects. Its historical past could be traced from the time of the Roman invasions to Napoleon’s Grande Armée and past when these horses have been utilized to hold heavy weapons and pull wagons. This breed’s contribution to historical past is outstanding, from fight service to agricultural functions.

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