Mini Pet Turtles

Many people are growing attracted to mini pet turtles that are being marketed all over the internet and in some local pet shops. And who wouldn’t come to love these cute little creatures? They stay small for most of their lives so that means they would keep their adorable appearances. Many people would love to keep mini pet turtles for novelty purposes. However, it’s important to note that these are just like any other pet animal. It entails a certain level of commitment to be able to successfully rear these reptiles.

Several identifying points can help you identify which kind of turtle you have obtained. These markings differ across various species of turtles making it easier even for novice pet owners to notice them. Your local pet shop can also help you identify which kind of turtle you found and prescribe a specific way of taking care of it.

Different species

There are many types of mini pet turtles that are suitable for beginners. However, you will want to take note that different species will warrant different ways of taking care of them. For instance, some mini pet turtles such as the chicken turtle thrive in freshwater and are generally omnivorous. This means that you can probably feed it both insects and vegetables. However, there are certain types of mini pet turtles such as painted turtles that are naturally carnivorous and thrive in muddy environments.


Before you decide to acquire a small turtle for a pet, it’s important to at least have basic knowledge regarding how to take care of the species that you intend to have. Make sure to read more about taking care of mini pet turtles – i.e. what they eat the type of environment that they require and any other special treatment that they need to keep them healthy and prolong their lives. You will also want to make the necessary arrangements and preparations before going out to buy your first pet. Many resources on the Internet can help you get started.

Heads up

Be wary of mini pet turtles sellers that are quick to assure you that their turtles are easy to rear and generally do not require much attention. Whether a turtle is big or small, turtles are turtles and they will always need enough attention for them to live in captivity. It will require a lot of commitment to take care of a pet so if you’re not too keen on the idea of exerting extra effort for animals, you will want to re-consider taking in mini pet turtles.

It’s also important to take note that some mini pet turtles are considered exotic and endangered species and as such you will want to be careful about going into sales agreements with smugglers or people who acquired these animals through illegal means. Should you encounter such a situation, it’s best to contact your local Fish and Game department or an environment-based organization to help you out. Apprehending these people can help potentially save the lives of mini pet turtles.

Mini pet turtles are just like any other pet animal. They are protected by animal rights laws and pet owners are responsible for keeping them safe and healthy by providing a proper environment for them to live properly. Always keep this in mind because this can make a huge difference in the way you treat your pets.

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