Privacy policy

Information collection practices 

To enable the users to visit the website, we may collect some personal information such as the username, email addresses, and other contact information to identify. Or else, sometimes we can provide you some specific services via your email address for convenience and immediate update. The main categories of collected data are mentioned below: 
•    Location information through IP addresses. 
•    Information from third parties. For example, when you click on a link that takes you to Amazon’s website. 


Thpetsearch collects information through the use of cookies. To be more specific, cookies are known as text-only pieces of information with identifying strings of characters, enabling us to save and analyze information to understand more about the users’ preferences. As a result, based on the collected data, we customize the web’s content to make their browsing activity more practical and quicker. 
More importantly, cookies will not be set without your allowance, which means that you can disable cookies in your web browser; however, this can limit the features and services that we can provide you. More detailed information about cookie management with specific web browsers can be found on the browsers’ respective websites.

The use and sharing of the information 

You may wonder how the collected information is used. Have a look at the list below with the most detailed activities after collecting the visitors’ personal information.
•    Delivering you specific and unique content to your interest once you visit our website. 
•    Helping the visitors access the latest services to personalize their experience on the services. 
•    Protecting the user’s rights and preventing, detecting fraud, and fixing any issues regarding security risks.
•    Improving the website’s operation to bring users the most helpful searching experience based on the analyzed data.  
•    Sharing information about your behavior on the Sites with third parties to show you targeted advertisements and other content you may be interested in.

Restrictions about children’s personal information

We do not encourage children under 13 years old to use our website. We also recommend parents or guardians restrict and supervise their children’s behavior on the internet. We will try reasonable efforts to protect personal information for children under 13. We also comply with California’s law not to sell personal data of children from 13-16 years of age.